Featured Sessions @ ArchConf 2016

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Featured Sessions at ArchConf

Neal Ford

Continuous Delivery for Architects Hands-on workshop

Neal Ford

Architecture doesn’t exist in a vacuum, a painful lesson developers who built logically sound but operationally cumbersome architectures learned. Continuous Delivery is a process for automating the production readiness of your application every time a change occurs=E2=80=93to code, infrastructure, or configuration. Some architectures and practices yield code that works better in this environment. This session takes a deep dive into the intersection of the architect role and the engineering practices in Continuous Delivery.

Mark Richards

The Soft Skills of Architecture Part 1

Mark Richards

Being a software architect is a tough job. Not only do you have to have significant technical depth and breadth, but you also need to understand the business domain you are working in. While these aspects are important, there is another perhaps more vital aspect of being an architect – the soft skills. Too many architects fail to realize the importance of soft skills, and as a result do not achieve success in their career as an architect. In this two-part session I will focus on the soft skills of architecture. In part one I will cover skills related to architecture decisions, architecture refactoring, and whether architecture certification is worth while.

Matt Stine

Microservices in the Large: Tracer Bullet Architecture

Matt Stine

Much is said about the decentralized governance of and local autonomy given to two pizza teams build microservices. But how do you organize teams to effectively collaborate to build the eventual composite system?

Tudor G=C3=AErba

Storytelling in a technical world

Tudor Girba

Our technical world is governed by facts. In this world Excel files and technical diagrams are everywhere, and too often this way of looking at the world makes us forget that the goal of our job is to produce value, not to fulfill specifications.
Feedback is the central source of agile value. The most effective way to obtain feedback from stakeholders is a demo. Good demos engage. They materialize your ideas and put energies in motion. They spark the imagination and uncover hidden assumptions. They make feedback flow.
But, if a demo is the means to value, shouldn’t preparing the demo be a significant concern? Should it not be part of the definition of done?

Douglas Hawkins

Java Optimizations That Matter (and Some That Don’t)

Douglas Hawkins

Early releases of Java performed poorly, but those issues largely disappeared long ago with the introduction of HotSpot. However, much of the performance advice for Java persists through hearsay from those early days.


Featured Keynote: Architecture and Innovation

Brian Sletten

Brian Sletten Architecture does more than describe the system as it is. It also establishes incentives, cost structures, organizational patterns and a marketplace for ideas upon which various players will innovate. One of the reasons the Web has been so successful is because it does this in a way that encourages a wide participation from varied players due to the nature of the architecture upon which it is built: The Internet.

This talk will walk through the design of the Internet Architecture and how it yields the flexibility to innovate to a wide collection of players including VC-backed internet startups, college students working out their room and companies targeting specific types of customers. The choices that have been (and will be) made have enormous implications on how the Internet and Web can be used and evolve and who controls them. Come think deeply about one of the most important software architectural designs that has ever been designed and why we must protect it.

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Optional Full Day Workshops

For 2016, ArchConf attendees can optionally choose to participate in one of 5 full-day workshops on Monday, April 4. Workshop registration is required.

  • Cloud-Native Application Architecture
  • Modularity, Microservices, and Modern Architectural Paradigms
  • Software Architecture Fundamentals
  • Scaling and Fault Tolerance Workshop
  • Steering Agile Architecture

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Topics at ArchConf

  • Agile Design
  • Scalable Systems
  • Microservices
  • Evolutionary Architecture
  • Distributed Systems
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Service-Based Architecture
  • Design Principles
  • Soft Skills
  • Web Application Security
  • Enterprise Messaging
  • Data Architecture
  • Architecture Patterns
  • Cloud Architectures
  • Measuring and Profiling
  • Modular Java
Matt Stine
Matt Stine
Brian Sletten
Brian Sletten
Douglas Hawkins
Douglas Hawkins
Emad Benjamin
Emad Benjamin
Tudor Gerba
Tudor G=C3=AErba

Speakers at ArchConf

We have a great line up of speakers for ArchConf. We are still working hard on this event and will be adding more speakers and sessions to the schedule.

  • Matt Stine – Senior Product Manager, Pivotal
  • Brian Sletten – Forward Leaning Software Engineer
  • Douglas Hawkins – VM Engineer
  • Emad Benjamin – Principal Architect, VMware
  • Tudor G=C3=AErba – Software Architect
  • Mark Richards – Independent Software Architect, Author of Software Architecture Fundamentals
  • Neal Ford – Application Architect at ThoughtWorks, Inc.
  • Kirk Knoernschild – Software Developer & Mentor
  • Ken Sipe – Architect, Web Application Security Expert
  • Nathaniel Schutta – Author, speaker, software architect focused on user interface design.
  • Dave Hendricksen – Big Data Architect for Thomson Reuters
  • Peter Pavlovich – Principal Architect, EnerNOC Labs
  • Husain Al-Mohssen – PhD, Data Scientist, EnerNOC
  • Michael Carducci – Magician & Technologist
  • Ksenia Dmitrieva – Web Security Consultant
  • Janelle Klein – CTO @New Iron and Technical Mentor





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