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Yakov Fain, Teaches AngularJs ToolingLearning Angular 2 is easier than AngularJS, and developing in TypeScript is more productive than in JavaScript. But setting up the project and deploying the application is not straightforward. Yakov Fain explains best practice for AngularJs Tooling

Let’s break down the typical steps:

  • Set up TypeScript and Typings
  • Set up all your <script> tags
  • Set up all the imports for components
  • Bootstrap your app
  • Use System.js to load the app

There’s a lot that can go wrong. Setting up your environment can easily be one of the more frustrating aspects of working with Angular2. This presentation is not about the syntax, but we’ll discuss the development process with Angular 2 starting from setting up the project to deploying an optimized application.

Yakov Fain is the author of “Angular 2 Development with TypeScript” and can be seen speaking about this and other topics at the 2016 Angular Summit.

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AngularJS is changing the way web applications are created. Single page apps built with Angular are much less complex, more robust, and easier to test.

Angular Summit is a conference for developers who use Angular and modern web development tools. This is a two-day conference with a full-day training option. Angular Summit is packed with the latest techniques and insights to help you build something great.

Sessions at Angular Summit are 90-minutes long, with many multi-part sessions. This expanded format, allows speakers to go deeper and teach the advanced concepts.

Angular Summit will bring together core developers, project leaders, authors, and trainers. Our long-session format encourages questions and interaction with speakers outside of sessions.

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