AngularJs 2 RC released!

AngularJs 2.0 RC has been released!

AngularJs 2.0

Quite a few things have changed. It’s definitely worth taking a look at the change log. Then join us at Angular Summit and learn the latest tools and best practices for you to fully leverage 2.0!

What are the goals of AngularJs 2.0?

Taken from, here are the summarized priorities of AngularJs 2.0

Mobile First: At the ng-conf the team expressed they would go for mobile but I guess we never thought that would mean focus all efforts to get mobile right and then work up to desktops. I think this is a bold and brilliant approach. For the last 3 years this has been the recommended approach we have either received or given when building an application that needs to live in mobile and desktop platforms. If you do it right on mobile, if you tackle loading times, performance and other mobile challenges first, then desktop becomes a much easier task.

Loosely Couple Modules: This one comes without surprises. AngularJs 2 Team has been de-attaching modules from its core for several versions now.

At the same time, the community started to offer some very interesting modules such as ui router and restangular which have worked as options for some core angularJs modules.

Both the angularJs 2 team and the community have successfully built a module ecosystem that keeps growing. holds a list of 529 modules. Im sure this does not represent half of the ones that exist out there. As a community we need to better publicize this index.

In addition, smaller libraries or modules combined with lazy loading generates a boost on performance.

Simplicity / MetaData: One of the goals for AngularJs 2.0 is allow developers to concentrate on the lines of code related to their business domain. The next version will better hide angular frame. Annotations and ES6 provides the tools and standards to make this possible.

The team has also embraced feedback coming from a community who found directives syntax to have a rather long learning curve. A much simple dsl for directives is on the works.

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