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Angular 2 in Legacy Java Environments

Ben Ellingson

There are several Angular 2 books and many tutorials available. However, they all tend to assume you are starting an application from scratch or that you are in a pure JavaScript / Node development environment. In reality many of us are adopting Angular 2 into legacy environments. This presents a lot of problems. Which tools should you use and how do you integrate with a legacy application? How to you create an efficient workflow? How do you deploy to production?


Christina Kayastha

One of the things that makes Angular 2 so powerful is all of the tooling that it comes with. AngularMaterial2 is a UI Component Library that makes it easy to build a nice looking app very easily. In this talk we will explore how to setup and use AngularMaterial2 in your Angular apps.

Intro to hybrid mobile app development with Ionic

Michael Carducci

From idea to deployment learn that tools in the Ionic ecosystem that make creating a beautiful native app effortless.

Moving from Angular 1 to 2: A roadmap in code.

Peter Pavlovich

Learn how to apply progressive refactoring to move your existing Angular 1 code to Angular 2.

Navigating the Angular2 Router

Raju Gandhi

In this session we will explore the router that ships with Angular2. We will see how to leverage its power and flexibility to build real world applications.

Progressive Web Apps: The Future of the Web

Josh Crowther

As the web continues to progress, the need to create rich, mobile first, experiences grows ever greater. The introduction of Service Worker has enabled users to create experiences that are more engaging than ever before.

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