Friday Funny – Saving the world – one scammer at a time

As engineers, we can’t always make the world a better place; sometimes we are employed to do the opposite. The web comic Commitstrip recently addressed this:

Sometimes, however, someone build something wonderful – this is one of those times!

Yesterday this popped up in my news feed on facebook.

We’ve all been there, but Roger Anderson, consultant and owner of the Jolly Roger Telephone Company built an armada of bots to DOS the scammers.

He’s not just sending traffic to their phone numbers, his bots try to keep the scammers on the phone for as long as possible. From saying thing like “go on… I’m listening” to “hang on for a sec…” and having an argument with someone else while the scammer waits.

In his words – “I called 100 times on 20 simultaneous channels, They answered, talked to my bots. Then they started to put my bots on hold. Then they started swearing, shouting to each other about what is going on — I could hear in the background. Then I made 500 calls on 20 simultaneous channels to the number. After 300 phone calls, they disconnected the number.”

Check out his blog for more details and listen to samples of the calls.

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