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Angular Summit Schedule is Now Available

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Matt Vaughn

Angular Application Architecture :: Leverage SOLID Principles and Practices from Enterprise Architecture.

Matt Vaughn

I have spent the majority of my career studying and implementing enterprise and application architectures using SOLID principles, design patterns, domain-driven design, test-driven development, pragmatic programming, code generation, web/service APIs, micro-service structures, etc.

Yakov Fain

Angular Applied

Yakov Fain

Developing an online store with Angular and Angular Material. This hands-on workshop is for developers who are already familiar with Angular. Under the instructor’s guidance, participants will work on the front end of the online store application, which uses the latest version of Angular and the library of UI components Angular Material.

Christina Kayastha

Angular Mobile Toolkit (Progressive Web Apps)

Christina Kayastha

One of the things that makes Angular so powerful is all of the tooling that it comes with. One piece of tooling is the Angular Mobile Toolkit and how it helps you easily setup Progressive Web Apps. PWAs will help you create an offline first experience, so that even users with little or no connectivity can experience your web app.

Daniel Zen

Ins & outs of OOP in JavaScript & TypeScript for Java developers

Daniel Zen

JavaScript finally has class. You can do proper OOP in JavaScript without having to jump through hoops with ugly conventions.

Raju Gandhi

Leveraging the Angular CLI – from development to production

Raju Gandhi

Angular leverages a whole slew of technologies — from TypeScript, to RxJs to Protractor for E2E testing, all within reach via the Angular CLI. All of these tools come with their own tooling, and knowing how to use these tools independently, and in concert is what makes us effective Angular developers.

Gerard Sans

Mastering Angular Animations (v5+)

Gerard Sans

How we can use Animations in Angular. We will cover Web Animations API and how we can use Angular together with field-tested animation techniques providing examples for CSS transitions/animations and SVG.

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Angular is changing the way web applications are created. Single page apps built with Angular are much less complex, more robust, and easier to test.

Angular Summit will offer 60 technically focused sessions covering the latest in Angular. The goal of Angular Summit is teach you the in-depth features so you can create high quality, modern Single Page Web Applications.

Full-Day Workshops

Angular Summit will include 5 optional full-day workshops. Bring your laptop and be ready to learn. Workshop options include:

  • Core Angular 5 – with ES6 & TypeScript
  • Angular Fast&Furious (v5+)
  • Building Native Mobile apps with Angular and Typescript
  • Angular (with TypeScript) Workshop
  • Angular Applied

Save $300 with Super Early-Bird Rates

Reserve your spot and save $300 when you register by February, 17

Topics at Angular Summit

  • Angular 5
  • Angular 1 Upgrading
  • Angular: Components, Services, Directives, Pipes, Dependency Injection
  • Angular Material, UI Libraries
  • RxJS, Observables, Redux
  • Tooling
  • Performance tuning
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • AngularFire
  • Web Security
  • Ionic
  • Progressive WebApps

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Yakov Fain
Yakov Fain
Maxim Salnikov
Maxim Salnikov
Raju Gandhi
Raju Gandhi
Peter Pavlovich
Peter Pavlovich
Daniel Zen
Daniel Zen



  • Yakov Fain – Author of “Angular 2 Development with TypeScript”
  • Maxim Salnikov – Google Developer Expert in Angular
  • Raju Gandhi – CTO Integrallis Software & Technophile
  • Peter Pavlovich – Chief Software Architect, Embue Technologies
  • Daniel Zen – Chief Instruction Officer –
  • Michael Carducci – Magician, CTO Mago:Tech
  • Ben Ellingson – Lead Developer
  • Gerard Sans – Google Developer Expert, AngularZone
  • Troy Miles – Software Developer
  • Christina Kayastha – Professional JS Nerd
  • Matt Vaughn – Author of “Custom Angular Modules”

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